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A supreme online email marketing and deliverability Platform designed to manage campaigns, boost engagement, and fuel conversions effortlessly.

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This is What Makes Nuke The Best Online Email Marketing Platform For You

Equipped with the world’s First Custom One-Click SMTP Server Installation program, Nuke is a multi-dimensional email marketing campaign service dedicated to providing you with the highest quality direct email marketing, promotions, and automation tools.

Unlimited Users & Campaigns
Experience unmatched flexibility in your marketing endeavors. With a few clicks, you can invite unlimited users, schedule multiple campaigns, import multiple recipients, and showcase brand consistency with unique templates.
Detailed Delivery Reports
Gain comprehensive insights about your email campaign at any time. It goes way beyond simple delivery status. You get an in-depth look at your click, open rate, click-through rate, impressions, action taken, and more.
Scheduled Email Automation
Streamline your entire online email marketing campaign effort by pre-planning and automating the delivery of your emails on specific days and times. Furthermore, you can create a series of emails that are sent out sequentially or triggered by user actions.
One-Click SMTP
Integrate your preferred SMTP server into Nuke with just one click and personalize your software experience in a flash. This makes sending emails super secure and fast and enhances your control over email deliverability and sender reputation.
Email Personalization
Create and send precisely customized and relevant emails to individual recipients and tailor your communication based on their behavior and preferences. You can also dynamically insert individual-specific data like first name, last name, and date, even during bulk campaigns.

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Leverage the email service that customer-first brands trust for reliable inbox delivery at scale.

One-Click SMTP

Nuke’s Cutting-Edge Technology and Pioneering SMTP Program Will Optimize Your Business for Massive Success

Nuke was launched in response to a need, not a desire. Its blueprint is instilled with the code to magnify the conversion of businesses worldwide—with an unwavering resolve to better email marketing every single day.

One-Click SMTP
Experience the World’s first custom one-click SMTP server installation. It is specifically designed to help you configure your SMTP with just a single click—meet functionality with simplification.
Split-Testing Features
What’s unmeasured is unachieved. With Nuke, you can run precise template split tests to analyze and quantify what works best for your business—save time, money, and resources.
Unique Link
Nuke generates and assigns a unique link for every email you send, so it is easy to track its significance, such as open rate, clicks, impressions, action taken, and more.
Detailed Reports
Track and maintain a detailed email campaign execution and delivery report within Nuke to track each campaign performance individually.
Email Personalization
Automatically customize your email content specifically to every individual preferences, behaviors, and characteristics of recipients without wasting time.
Live Customer Support
Nuke is built on the foundation of security and unmatched support. Our team of experts is always available to help you 24x5 in case of any query.

The Three Foundational Pillars of Nuke

Like every successful business, Nuke stands for something: an unwavering resolve to better the email marketing industry and to stand at the top.

Purpose Driven

Nuke was built with the sole purpose of entering and dominating the email marketing sector and leading businesses toward absolute innovation & sustainability.

Motivated Team

No product can be sustained without a dedicated team inspired to fuel and better it every day. Nuke is extremely lucky to have a team of experts that works 24x7x365.

Unmatched Technology

In the world of tech, creating the best is still rare. Nuke has developed a profoundly unmatched technology that separates us from everyone in the market.

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